Caitlin listens, intuits, and meets you where you are and leads you in the discovery of your grandest expression. With grace, laser point precision, and gentle knowing she guides you back to your true self.
— Joanna Green, Spiritual Entrepreneur

"Caitlin Was Able To Shine Light Where It Was Needed Without Hesitation And With Great Clarity. Like An Angel With A Machine Gun Of Light." Jodi Rae Salazar

In your individual private sessions, and your 1, 3 and 6 month Star Power Programs, we will get TRANSFORMED. From the inside out. Goodbye scarcity, stress, struggle, dissatisfaction with your day job, bad habits and poor self-esteem. Hello pure radiance, and your hearts most righteous dreams realized.

In these sessions, we will gently tune into the innate wisdom and infinite intelligence of your body and begin to organize, clarify, open up, activate and regenerate your amazing body systems, bringing your body, and ultimately YOU back to a state of optimal radiance and health. We will dive deep into your most deeply held beliefs about what's been holding you back and transform that shiz from the inside out.  Life will suddenly appear in hyper color, as we elevate and upgrade your experience of life from dullness, procrastination, lethargy, sadness, helplessness, feeling stuck, depression, you name it,  to total embodied power.  AT LAST you become the rockstar diva you always wanted to be fully rocking your own life, able to show up for your soul purpose and magical, self-created life like a whole new mama-jama! As your body returns to balance, you will feel like a whole new person, your natural beauty positively shining from within, all those self- limiting old patterns and belief systems out the door! And you may get an angel or spirit animal  show up along the merry way!

Your Transformation includes:

- increased stamina

- greater focus and efficiency

- bringing your creative projects through to their fruition

- successful projects and business ventures

- discovering and/or fulfilling your potential

- healing from disease

- a rockin' body/powerful embodiment

- increased feelings of wellness and peace

- greater flows of prosperity

- sexual and sensual awakening

- greater sense of confidence and joy

- deeper connections with your loved ones

- listening to, understanding and moving past fears

- connection to your body

- increased intuition

- falling in love with life every day


Ready to get your Life juice on?!! yip yip! Look no further.