Christina Sophia Stellarum, Founder at OMEGA Mystical Arts Sanctuary, Mexico

"Caitlin Naramore is a sheer force of Delicious Divine Devotion who will not let you back down from your authentic gifts. Her unwavering love, bad-ass insight, and holographic healing skills will melt your resistance and help you come home to yourself like never before. If you're tired of being someone else and are truly ready to be yourself, you owe it to yourself to have Caitlin on your side. She can thaw out any frozen dreams and cause them (and you) to flourish like never before. Unwavering in the face of challenge she will help you vault over obstacles and into the Vision your soul has been carrying. Call her."


Kara Zahl, Yoga Instructor, CMT, Hawaii

"Caitlin's work is nothing short of life-changing! She holds the clarity of a diamond, the precision of a well-trained surgeon, and the insight of a true visionary, which she clearly is. The way that Caitlin weaves her wisdom, humor, and gentle compassion into the UHP work makes the totally cosmic and inexplicable feel perfectly reasonable and accessible- of course she's looking into your body and spirit, speaking the truth that you knew was there, and inviting you to take steps towards healing."



Joanna Green, Money and Miracle Coach

"Caitlin is the real deal. Pouring out magical wisdom from beyond the ages, Caitlin listens, intuits, and meets you where you are and leads you in the discovery of your grandest expression. With grace, laser point precision, and gentle knowing she guides you back to your true self. 

Her depth of mastery and commitment to integrity create a space and opportunity for people to begin to experience their own Presence and Essence. She is a student of life itself, continually deepening and expending her own Presence and Essence as an offering and a guide to all she touches and guides. She guides you on your journey, not her own, to the riches the lie within your own creation.

Caitlin creates, what can best be called, magic."


Michelle Akin   Coach, Singer/Songwriter, Youtube Superstar, New Jersey

"Working with Caitlin is pure magic. I have never felt so grounded and in touch with the gifts that are naturally provided to us by our environment as I have since working with her. I was nearly brought to tears by the overwhelming sense of connection brought on by simply bring present to the life force available in every flower, tree and blade of grass around us, and especially to myself. We are never alone, and we are always being held and supported by the earth. What a gift. I'm thankful daily for Caitlin's generosity in sharing this gift with me and anyone else fortunate enough to work closely with her. I have a completely new relationship to nature, and a new source of peace and light to tap into at any moment. It's priceless and profound." 

Maria Marlowe   Health Coach   New York, New York

"Caitlin's kind energy and presence emanates through the room. When she leads ceremonies, I find it really helps people to "be in the moment" and also helps them put their guard down, get comfortable, and truly connect with one another. It is such a pleasure to work with Caitlin"


Elizabeth Blue  Comedian, StoryTeller, Copywriter, The World

"Just being in Caitlin's presence is magical! Working with her filled me with play, healing, and deep connection to my soul's desires. She helped me connect to my inner child, femininity, and masculinity all at once - integrating all aspects of me. She can take you through a fairy-like playful and sensual adventure into yourself. Whatever she leads, I want in on, because she's pure magic!"  


Kate Read  Healer, Writer, Speaker, Vermont  www.homeforthehighlysensitive.com

"I first want to mention Caitlin's voice.  Soothing does not quite do it justice.  It takes you to a place where streams flow and trees are vibrant and lush.  And then there is her commanding presence that is stronger over Zoom than most folks are in person. It's a quiet and safe invitation to go IN, unabashedly.  Within mere moments of our session together, I sunk into my seat like a sand bag; the same time that insight naturally floated into my awareness.  Caitlin led the way using her own vulnerability to be a mirror of growth. Humbling.  I left the session deeply relaxed with clarity on how to move through a belief that was paralyzing me in my business.  And oh yeah, I giggled a lot.  Caitlin is the perfect combination of light and depth."


Rachael Hall  Worldwide Franklin Method Educator   www.RachHall.com, UK

"Wow Caitlin. From NY to the UK I could feel the support and energy of Caitlin's magical, effortless presence. Caitlin guided me to feel so grounded and supported by mother earth that it literally brought me to tears!!! I felt profoundly connected to my heart and open to receive inspiration and love (instead of feeling depleted from giving) . 

Our session really was a Bam! Session- it felt like a huge shift occurred in such a short time- something that has been bothering me for the last week came to light and was completely transformed, I feel empowered, embodied and excited. Thank you so much you gorgeous woman. 

If you have the opportunity to work with Caitlin, jump right in, you will not regret it!!! She is pure magic! (and makes the most divine chocolates on planet earth!) Be prepared to sky rocket to your dreams!"


Ilya Yacobson L.Ac, San Francisco, CA

"Caitlin weaves the highly esoteric and the most fundamental wisdom so effortlessly! Her refined and honed in energetic attunement created deep safety, visibility and clarity for me to ground into my body at a very profound level. She offers a wide array of tools for my thriving, drawing from Archetypal indigenous knowledge to cutting edge brain meditation techniques, enveloped by her real loving care for my soul to thrive. I came away feeling totally seen, heard, gotten and with simple to follow practical advice homework! I felt at peace and more enriched in my own manhood, more embodied and connected to my energetic structures! Very powerful psychic and visionary healer!"


Jennifer Kaplanksi, Nutritional Coach, Private Chef, Brooklyn New York

"Caitlin Naramore has been a genuine and supportive cheerleader for me in her Butterfly program. From the start, I loved filling out her empowering questionnaire as a visualization, and her custom blended flower/gem essence magic potions (2 of them!) have been wonderful to add to my self care toolbox. Our one and one sessions were also helpful to maintain connection to my heart and to come back to love. Her support has been a gentle platform for my work in progress unfoldment. Thank you, Caitlin."