The 8-Month program To Uplift, empower and enlighten Creative and spiritual entrepreneurs (you!!!) ready to sky rocket your potential


Welcome to Butterfly

A cutting edge Power program designed to empower you in all aspects of your life; your business, relationships, self care, self-responsibility, sovereignty, self respect, Organizational prowess, true beauty, Body wisdom and ultimate worth,

*all while birthing your greatest visions and becoming the revolutionary leader you were meant to become*



Alright Power dreamers! You Know Who You Are.

Do you get that feeling these days it’s more important than EVER to walk our walk, talk our talk, and bring our creativity, light and soul’s deepest passions to the forefront of the world?!

I know I sure do. And I know now more than ever it can feel harder than ever as your biggest dreams and visions for yourself and this world get swept away not only by your own limitations -- but by the tides of social media distraction and the daily doom absorption of worldly news.

We keep getting stuck in the too-familiar comfort of our sticky little cocoons...

And if you're like me, perhaps you struggle with having tremendous inspirations and potentially world-changing ideas but those dastardly fears of failure and rejection, lack of resources or inner gumption, or a discipline level about as lively as that of a moth's get in the way of our inspirationsand we are left hanging upside down in our chrysalis's, dreaming the dream but still stuck without the fully formed strength of our wings...


Well I'm here to say:

You can do this!!

You and your living visions are needed now more than ever


In this one-of-a-kind program we'll get with THE program, the ULTIMATE PROGRAM of YOU, YOUR BODY, YOUR money, your DREAMS and YOUR VISIONS and begin to take concrete actions steps to at last get 'er done and bring your business and creation 'babies' out of the cocoon and into the light of self-realized flight! And get Paid luxuriously in return.


Maybe it’s the screenplay or movie pilot you’ve written 10 pages of, all the while fantasizing about Jennifer Lawrence playing the leading lady role when it hits the big screen.

Perhaps you have a whole catalogue of recipes you’ve imagined turning into a cookbook but daily demands and distractions keep them tucked away in your lonely Word files.

Or perhaps you’ve wanted to start your own online business to the tune of helping out your fellow humans yet you currently feel daunted by all the opt-ins, mailing lists, and countless stream of other online businesses that make you feel yours will not make the grade, etc.

Whatever it is, I get it and I got you.

Having been through many transitions, hero's journeys and 'creative baby' births of my own, I can safely say I know what it's like, I know what it takes and I know how to get to the other side of that final push where at last....

The caterpillar becomes the butterfly

(And the sky ain't even the limit)

In your 8-month program, you will receive:


  • 2 Private Universal Health Principles Session/Laser session with me per month (in person, online or by phone) where we will upgrade your body to its next levels, as well as one on one coaching on your projects

  •  1 “S.O.S.” UHP Text Message Link (for those moments your overwhelm has you by the ....)

  • 1 customized flower/gem essence blends to support your journey (made by me, special just for you)

  • A private Facebook group for daily check-ins and support

  • A community of like-minded souls to connect with in the workshops & FB group

  • 9 live 3 hour virtual group workshops -- where we dig in and dive deep into the power of our visions and begin to organize, plan and implement them fully into your lives

  • WINGS!!! Your visions come to fruition

  • More of you. More at home. With Yourself.


Universal health principles you ask? What is this? tell me more!

Universal Health Principles, AKA UHP is a highly intelligent, cutting edge, ground breaking, brand new innate body healing system that is fail proof in its capacity to make light speed and lasting upgrades and shifts in body, soul, consciousness, business and life.

If you can imagine for a moment the incredible, computer-like complexities, calculations, intelligences and innate order of the bodies infinite processes and systems happening at every moment, for the most part without your participation (miracle) 

Then begin to imagine that, like a computer, the body also can get viruses, needs updates and frequent reboots, has outdated programs that need to be cleared, corrosion on the hard drive, etc. and all these complications get in the way of a highly functional system. Enter UHP sessions, the human equivalent of turning your body from a version 3.0 to a version 11.0, a complete upgrade from 2d to 5d, an explosion from black and white to technicolor, the realization infinite possibility and creation vs. age old limitation, the birth from muggle human to Superhuman, caterpillar to butterfly.  In so many words ;) 

I also like to describe UHP sessions as much like acupuncture, in that it gets energy moving and the meridian systems pumping, but way more interactive and without those painful pokey needles! 

You can try a free Bam!! session to experience more here:


And furthermore: In your UHP "Cocoon" sessions, we will tune into your body’s innate wisdom, drop deep into your parasympathetic nervous system where your body heals from and listen for what your body is ready to upgrade and shift. and reprogram negative Belief systems so you can get with the program-your program!!! And by doing so you May find these amazing results:


  • Radiant Health and Radical Self Care

  • Increases in your energy levels, stamina and consistency in action

  • A thriving, lucrative business venture and/or art project

  • Increased coherency and harmony in your communication capacity in relationships, work and your own bodies inherent communication system

  • More and more ease as you do your thang!

  • Turn Scared into SACRED as you deactivate and decode through subconscious fears and outdated road block belief systems

  • Optimized and organized use of your power and time

  • Embodiment of your badass, regal self 

  • DREAMS COME TRUE! Like, you’re living that vision whereas once upon 3 months ago, it was all just a far-reaching fantasy

  • Deep support in your body (via sessions) so your body can actually handle and integrate it's shifts and the incredible next levels you are rising into-no crash and burns allowed in this work!

  • Living a life of deep meaning, poise, power and connection in a turbulent world

  • Better orgasms (for real)

  • Healthy boundaries where self-respect is the name of the game

  • Miracles baby, straight up miracles

And this is not a typical coaching program. I will neither boss you around and tell you what you should be doing with your life, nor will we dwell in the realm of the thinky-thoughts or entertain your survival patterns where you may stay stuck in the cocoon forever, but actually go body deep to where true and lasting shifts can actually occur, FROM YOU, from the inside out! I kid you not, it will profound.


Going into greater detail, With the support of regular Universal Health Principles sessions, we will:


  • moment by moment, step by step, uncover and release negative belief systems that have been holding you back

  • realign you with the incredible intelligence of your body’s wisdom and innate healing capacities

  • gently let go of stuck emotions that have been in the way of your deepest value and highest radiance

  • get you all shined up and fully on board with the creative work you are so inspired by, and came here to do.

  • Come up with distinct daily/weekly/monthly action steps to get in your body and to execute your visions


Let me help you help yo’self.


Testimonials from my amazing UHP and Workshop clients:


‘Since meeting Caitlin only three short months ago, I have undergone the most unexpected transformation inside and out. Things that seemed completely out of reach, like feeling joyful or living without judging myself, have now become part of my everyday reality. In addition to revamping my overall emotional well being, Caitlin has helped me improve concrete day-to-day operations like eating healthy and running a successful creative business. I now wake up excited for life: what a gift! Thank you Caitlin, for recharging my confidence. I’m so glad we’ve met’
~ Hannah Wnorowski, artist, writer, director


‘With Caitlin’s guidance I have discovered strength in my body and spirit. I find inspiration in the boundless capabilities of my own being and begin to take confident actions to create my dream world. Magic, laughter and support are in abundance just behind Caitlin’s door---open it!!’
~ Kate Bonsted, singer/songwriter
'Caitlin Naramore is a sheer force of Delicious Divine Devotion who will not let you back down from your authentic gifts. Her unwavering love, bad-ass insight, and holographic healing skills will melt your resistance and help you come home to yourself like never before.  

If you're tired of being someone else and are truly ready to be yourself, you owe it to yourself to have Caitlin on your side. She can thaw out any frozen dreams and cause them (and you) to flourish like never before. Unwavering in the face of challenge she will help you vault over obstacles and into the Vision your soul has been carrying. Call her!'

~ Christina Sophia Stellarum, founder of Omega University

'Caitlin's commitment to the awakening of all beings is apparent in the incredibly present, potent, and clear space that she holds- her heart and spirit are fully anchored in this work. I can't recommend sessions with Caitlin highly enough! She holds one of the best healing tools I've ever found and I feel so blessed that Caitlin is doing this work on the planet during this time of great need.'
~ Kara Zahl, yoga teacher/massage therapist


"Working with Caitlin is like having a portal to her wealth of magic. She walks to the beat of her own drum and supports you to find the instrument of your choice and walk to it -- owning it!! Each time I go to one of her workshops I have a full-bodied immersion into the connection with my deepest self I so crave, leaving more clear, present, confident, peaceful, and ready to create. She sees my messiness and sees my full glory and loves me each and every step of the way! This lady is love, light, unicorns, and superpowers all the way!" 
~ Elizabeth Blue, comedian, copywriter, program leader
Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Shining Butterfly Participants 

Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Shining Butterfly Participants 


Only 8 Participants will be Chosen for Buttefly 2018. will You be one of them?



1) Will this work for me if…  I’m a lighting designer, toymaker, youtube video queen, donut maker or aerialist?

Absolutely. The same principles apply to all of us and all of our creations, so whether you’re a copywriter or a sage poet, this program will rock your world solid.

2) What if I'm unsure of my creative purpose and path and want to get clear on that?

Butterfly is also the perfect place for that! Sometimes life's activities, traumas and constant changes have us change along with or, or get lost in the mix. The platform of Butterfly will assist anyone wanting to clarify yourself first things first, which of course then can help clarify what you are passionate about and wish to accomplish. It can be as simple as wanting to clean up your diet (or closets!) and get to the bottom of anything that's been keeping you from living the fullness and radiance of YOU!

3) What if I’m not located in NYC?

No prob! I offer sessions via Zoom, phone and FaceTime. Sessions are just as powerful remotely as they are in person. And the workshops will be live and available online in our Zoom room, replays provided if missed.

4) What if I’ve never had a UHP session and I have no idea what you’re talking about?

That’s ok! Just shoot an email my way at and we can schedule a chat and/or free trial session so you get a better sense of what this amazeballz is all about! You can also go to my Work With Me page to learn more:


5) It's been a rough road for me and I've been through a lot, is Butterfly a substitute for therapy?

I am a certified Universal Health Principles Practitioner but not a licensed therapist and while UHP sessions and their use in Butterfly are highly therapeutic and can shift your experience of life and known pain patterns in a profound and most efficient way, Butterfly is meant for healthy, self-responsible individuals wanting to up their game and come into greater coherency in all aspects of their lives and should not be entered into as a substitute for traditional therapy. Butterfly is both serious and fun, and should be entered into with a balanced mind and heart.


6) When does Butterfly start?

Butterfly is constantly evolving and revolving so you can hop on board anytime! 


7) Where can I contact you for more information and a free Bam!!! session to see what this is about? 

Contact me a and/or simply take a leap and sign up for a Free Bam!! sesh here and now:

We all are tender, resilient beings, taking on new forms and dimensions as we imagine a life beyond our current limitations .

The butterfly knows exactly when it's time to emerge...

This is your time

Are you ready to unfurl your dazzling wings??

From Caterpillar to FLIGHT...



How a butterfly emerges: