Hi. I'm Caitlin. Your Transformational Guide, Wellness and Embodiment Practitioner, and an unstoppable stand for you live the life of your dreams.

Together, we'll kick to the curb the hurdles of your limitations, those bummer belief systems that stand in the way of your total expression, and those nasty habits that keep you on a spin cycle of unhappy, unfulfilled and broke, and instead put you on the freedom train, bound for nothing but love, prosperity, health and glory in all areas of your life. 

Through my own journeys of overcoming depression, anxiety, unhealthy relationship choices, low self esteem, victim consciousness, sexual abuse, sugar addiction, you name it, all the while studying and practicing numerous healing modalities, I have developed a vast capacity to to hold space for each of my clients and their profound transformations. With me as your champion, you'll be able to safely:

  • feel the feelings
  • release outdated dis-empowering belief systems and patterns
  • develop concrete steps towards increased wellnessself expression, self care, your business and your leadership skills
  • become the empowered, majestic ***IN YOUR BODY*** kick ass diva you've always wanted to be
  • show up in divine, authentic service for our beautiful world who freaking needs us!!
  • get happy!! And be proud of yourself for investing in precious, one of a kind YOU
  • become a diva queen goddess boss extraordinaire. Finally. 
  • get paid to do your creative, healing, incredible work you were born to do more than ever before
  • um, ya and get a rock star body in the process!!

In the Name of Love...

"Caitlin's work is nothing short of life-changing! She holds the clarity of a diamond, the precision of a well-trained surgeon, and the insight of a true visionary, which she clearly is. The way that Caitlin weaves her wisdom, humor, and gentle compassion into the UHP work makes the totally cosmic and inexplicable feel perfectly reasonable and accessible- of course she's looking into your body and spirit, speaking the truth that you knew was there, and inviting you to take steps towards healing."

~ Kara Zahl, Yoga Instructor, CMT


A more in-depth bio: Caitlin is the founder of the Peace Starts With Me movement and the author of the ebook Better Human: 27 Simple Ways to Make Peace in a Turbulent Wold. She is also a public speaker, workshop leader, occasional Youtuber and is the creator of the cutting edge Butterfly and Star Power programs, 3-12 month transformational programs designed for spiritual and creative entrepreneurs and women ready to live the lives they want and love. Caitlin is licensed as a Reiki Master, a certified Yandara Yoga instructor, an accredited Flower Essence Practitioner with the Alaskan Flower Essence Project and certified as a Universal Health Principles Practitioner. She has also studied numerous healing modalites and liberation techniques from all over the world including energy healing, herbal studies, Franklin Method, Authentic Women's Experience, Landmark Forum, Native American ways, various business trainings and she has worked with elite business coaches and strategists. Caitlin is a chef as well and has prepared gourmet cuisine for acclaimed scientists, athletes, spiritual leaders, musicians and authors all over the world. On the side, Caitlin is a chocolate maker, artist, poet, craftswoman, writer, singer/songwriter, nature lover, cat lover, traveller and armchair DJ!